Best Musical Instruments and Accessories for all Musicians

Best Musical Instruments and Accessories for all Musicians
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When it comes to musical instruments ands accessories for musicians, a supplier with a great reputation in the industry is crucial for peace of mind. From my dealings with Thomann in Europe, I am satisfied that my musical instrument supplier is well grounded to offer many years of top line support for their wide range of products, be it cello cases, all the way to electronic reverb units and everything in between.

I personally ordered a cello case and arranged for it to be delivered to France and was very happy with the communication, efficiency and function of the Thomann group. I will only ever recommend an organisation when I am 100% satisfied with their service and function.

Thomann have exceeded every expectation that I had, be it product description, delivery and informatin of all progress through the transaction.

This is what I expect from a professional outfit and recommend Thomann beyond all degree, based on my experience.

The Best Ways of Backing Up Your Work and Files

When it comes to audio and video editing and working with computer based files, the need for backup is essential. More and more, we are reliant on computer based editing systems and this may involve local workstation work, or editing on the cloud. Regardless of the situation you are working with, the importance of file backup can not be overstated. It is imperative to make sure you are backing up your work and files.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who I think should have known better and thus, I know that I have a reputation for banging on like a broken records about this, but the need to backup everything is about shifting our goals and mindset so it

More About Backing Up Your Files –

Backing Up Your Work and Files

When I think to times past, when people have approached me asking for help after their hard disk crashed on their machine, or the ubiquitous coffee has been spilt on their machine, to the woes and agony that all their business data is now lost etc. I have often felt very badly for these good people, who had simply not learned up to that point in time, that they need to be vigilant in backing up their ddata.

It may be as simple as a school laptop with last week’s assignment on it, to a mom and pop business that has everything all on the one laptop, and when it fails for whatever reason, the whole ship sinks and the business data is lost or tax records are gone, to name just a few terrible examples. I think you get the point now..

So let’s explore this process in a little more detail and get to a solution that works for everyone.

Are Recover and Backup the same Thing?

Backing Up Your Work and Files

To answer this question, I will say yes and no.

In simple terms, a backup will get your data back if you have lost it, such as through a data failure or wiped disk or the office person accidentally erasing it the night before because they were super tired and not concentrating.

On the other hand, if you have a catastrophic failure like a ransom ware attack on your office, then not only will your data need recovery, but so too will all your systems, possibly all need replacement or rebuilding from the ground up.

However, to keep things simple, a data backup will suffice for most situations, but if you can, I always recommend an ultimate main Data Recovery plan for your business or home. For now, let’s concentrate on the base data backup.

What Needs to Be Backed Up?

In a word, I recommend everything, and certainly everything that will harm you if you do not have it available. I prefer to recommend to cover yourself fully and backup all your data.

The cost of backups these days are relatively low, compared to the cost of loss and spending hours recovering the data, if you can at all after a major failure and not having backups in the first place.

I recommend using a combination of both onsite backups as well as offsite, cloud based backups. This covers you in the event of damage to your premises, such as fire or flood and also lows you to place the backups in more than one place for added security. I know some managers are concerned about the cost of good cloud services, but let me assure you, the cost of data loss is far worse. It has happened to me after a major hack and I have vowed to never allow myself to be in that position ever again.

It was an expensive, painful lesson that kept me awake for six months till I had sorted it all out. It was a horrible lesson, but one I have learned from and I now have backups on site as well as off site in data houses.

However, given the cost of data loss and rebuilding your business, if there is even anything left to rebuild can be prohibitive.

prevention is better than the cure, so please be careful with the storage of your data.

It may be an obvious statement to make, but I am happy to do so anyway- please always use a unique password for everything in your business and every account you have logins for. Please use a separate password for every account you log into and Never Ever share or Reuse Passwords. It is a rooky mistake that can cost you dearly.

By so doing, you are putting your entire operation at risk as one compromised account can lead to at attacker guessing the same email and password for other accounts. I have seen this happen so many times, so please do not do it and reduce the risk of data loss through illegal break ins to your system..

I know I bang on about this stuff, but having learnt from these mistakes myself, I want to help you prevent a catastrophic failure on your system and protect your data.

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN as part of your Data Backup


I can assure you that in addition to your regular backups, and using a Virtual Private Network, your systems will be much safer moving forward.

I also can refer you to the Australian Cyber Security Page on backup recommendations.

The Best Headphones for Sleep and Relaxation

The Best Headphones for Sleep and Relaxation

When it comes to headphones for sleep and relaxation, it is certainly a different ball game to a standard set of headphones for ‘awake’ listening. After all, quality and dynamics issues aside, you need to be able to actually move your head freely while you’re sleeping, and a bulky set of headphones simply won’t work for most people.

Whilst I was once desperate, and badly needed to get some quiet sleep, and only had a pair of JBL Audio Noise Cancelling, full sized headphones (JBL 660NC), which work really well by the way, when wearing them, I had to lie flat on my back and not turn my head as they are quite bulky and would cause discomfort after nudging the pillow.

However, for a great noise cancelling effect in a noisy environment, I was able to fall asleep without any issue and was very grateful for them. More so, listening to music when I’m fully awake is a fantastic experience with them as well.

However, getting back to the sleep issue, it is generally a better idea to use suitable headphones for sleeping if you are looking for a set that will work for you while trying to sleep and listen to mediation music, relaxation tracks or binaural beats, etc.

Styles of Headphones for Sleep and Relaxation

As I mentioned, the type or style of headphone that you use is essential to being comfortable while sleeping and also, will help you to get the best rest possible for you.

I know that emergency situations can inspire us to be creative, but let’s look at more suitable types of headphones for our sleep use.

There are in-ear models, that may be wired or wireless, using a blue tooth style technology, or even headbands and pillow speakers.

I will highlight the types below in this article to give you a greater understanding of the choice available to you.

Pillow Style Headphones

The pillow style of headphone is pictured below.

This type of speaker rests either under your pillow, or in the pillow case and playsaudio through the pillow or case to you.

It is not the highest quality stereo set up but will certainly work, as being better than nothing at all.

It is also one of the cheapest set ups for a sleeping speaker.

Wired Style Sleeping Headphones

The next type of unit to consider is the headset that is wired and in ear such as the below example.

Wireless Blue Tooth Sleeping headphones

The next set of headphones for sleeping are the blue tooth style.

The benefit here is that there are no hindrances with trailing wires that can be pulled, tangled or otherwise get in the way.

These wireless blue tooth headphones fit either in ear or via a band that is placed over the head.

As you can tell from the short article above, there are a number of solutions for your need to have quiet listening, with uninterrupted sleep from bulky headphones and still get a great audio result.

I regularly sleep with audio in my ears, from quality headphones that allow me to sleep comfortably and still complete my mediation.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Domain Name- Owning a Great One For Your Site

Domain Name- Owning a Great One For Your Site

When it comes to your website, your domain name is the address for your site and the name that people will hopefully get to know and remember.

What is Our Preferred Domain Registrar?

One company that we use for our domains is Namecheap.

Having a great domain name is important for several reasons.

Apart from hopefully having it closely corelate to your site’s keyword or keywords and being easy to remember, it needs to be something that is meaningful to your visitors.

However, there is so much more to this story.

I always like to make sure that my site’s domain name is also registered at a different registrar to the hosting company that I am hosting my site on. This is arguably a more advanced point, but one that guarantees that I can not lose my domain name if I have a problem with my hosting provider or a billing issue that is unresolved.

I mention the above point as I have heard of many people losing fantastic sites and their domain name that goes with it in situations like this. Essentially, if you separate the parts of your business, it is harder for anyone to hold you over a barrel. In any serious business, the more protections and control that you have, the better. However, I am digressing.

Getting back to Namecheap, the main reason I have many of my domains registered with them is because of the level and quality of their service. It is no secret there are hundreds of domain name registrars and some may even be a bit cheaper than Namecheap, but they are very competitively priced.

When ever I have had a technical problem, it has been resolved in a quick and efficient way and trust me, when you are experience a tech issue online, you want it solved quickly if at all possible.

Security of the Registrar Service for my Domains

I can also attest to the very strict security employed by Namecheap. Their service will allow you to use a number of different two factor authentication tools that make your account much more safe than just having a username and password. In addition to that, they will also include a privacy function free of charge for your domain name registrations for .com domains and others.

Another benefit of Namecheap is that it can be a lot easier to transfer your domain names if you ever sell them and let me assure you that for some companies, it is a real mission. With Namecheap, particularly if your buyer also has a Namecheap account, the process is just about instant.

I can not recommend the service, technical support and Backup from Namecheap domain registration company strongly enough.

Typical Microphone Techniques for Stereo Audio

Typical Microphone Techniques for Stereo Audio

Using two microphones can create a stereo effect that closely copies the effect of our human ears. There are several ways to do this, in terms of ‘stereo set ups’ and can often be set up in mixer controls too, like Mid Side as an example. This is explained in more detail below:

If you imagine that you are listening to a sound and you turn your head, you will notice the sound spatially changing from one side to the other. Our two ears allow us to perceive where sound is coming from and also hear in much more detail compared to one straight mono, single source sound.

Coincident or XY Mode

This means that microphones spaced a way apart can actually have what is known as a cancellation of phase. It’s like as the audio takes longer to reach a farther away mic, the sound waves can be slightly out of phase with each other. In a severe example, this will cause the audio of two sources to cancel out of it was 180 degrees out of phase, but in practice, the difference of phase will be much smaller to a point it is nearly negligible.

Mid side Mode

Mid side means that two microphones are used, as in a stereo set up, but where one mic is primarily the centre section (a Uni Directional Mic), with the other panned to be the sides of the signal by using a Bi Directional mic.

As a result of this, the higher the amplitude or volume of the sides, the more stereo the effect and vice versa. However, as mentioned in the above XY Coincident description, it is important to realise that if the sound is played on a mono reproducer, the effect could be cancelled phases, so care needs to be taken when using thid technique.

Near Coincident Mode

The near coincident stereo microphone technique is one that was designed utilise the advantages of the spaced pair and X/Y techniques, without the disadvantages. Another name for the same technique is ORTF, an abbreviation for Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française, who devised the technique.

The idea can be simplified to be as close as possible to our natural ears position, so that the closest sound pickup can be alligned to the natural human hearing position. This technique is used quite often in certain recording situations.

Spaced Pair Mode

When it comes to spaced pair mode which is also known as A/B mode technique, this concept consists of two separate microphones, that are typically using cardioid or omni-directional polar patterns, spaced apart to capture a wider stereo image of an instrument or musical ensemble.

This audio mic technique is susceptible to audio phase issues, that are due to the time differences of the audio sound waves arriving at each mic. To overcome this you can use the rule of 3:1. It is recommended to place the second mic three times as far away from the first microphone, as the first mic is from the sound source.

MCRE Audio Now Online with a Revamped Website

MCRE Audio Now Online with a Revamped Website

We have Redeveloped our Website to Make your Search Easier

Martin Cohn Recordings and Electronics has redeveloped our website to match our new corporate image and to promote our new line of services, including hosting your websites, designing and creating stunning sites for you, regardless of your niche and subject matter.

We have also enhanced our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) offering to help insure your newly developed site or managed site by us is found online and your time is able to be spent on your business, serving your clients, rather than worrying about finding the client in the first place.

Search Engine Optimised

When your site is optimised for the search engines, with the right keywords and internal systems behind the scenes so to speak, your site will just work and people looking for what you have will find you, rather than you having to look for them.

We have provided a series of distinct headings for the areas we specialise in, such as providing a reliable VPN service and arranging the design of your new website or rebuilding an existing website (renovation).

We can also help with the hosting requirements of your sites to make sure the package opted for can handle the traffic and throughput for your intended site.

Contact us using the contact form on our site for more information.