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Domain Name- Owning a Great One For Your Site

When it comes to your website, your domain name is the address for your site and the name that people will hopefully get to know and remember.

What is Our Preferred Domain Registrar?

One company that we use for our domains is Namecheap.

Having a great domain name is important for several reasons.

Apart from hopefully having it closely corelate to your site’s keyword or keywords and being easy to remember, it needs to be something that is meaningful to your visitors.

However, there is so much more to this story.

I always like to make sure that my site’s domain name is also registered at a different registrar to the hosting company that I am hosting my site on. This is arguably a more advanced point, but one that guarantees that I can not lose my domain name if I have a problem with my hosting provider or a billing issue that is unresolved.

I mention the above point as I have heard of many people losing fantastic sites and their domain name that goes with it in situations like this. Essentially, if you separate the parts of your business, it is harder for anyone to hold you over a barrel. In any serious business, the more protections and control that you have, the better. However, I am digressing.

Getting back to Namecheap, the main reason I have many of my domains registered with them is because of the level and quality of their service. It is no secret there are hundreds of domain name registrars and some may even be a bit cheaper than Namecheap, but they are very competitively priced.

When ever I have had a technical problem, it has been resolved in a quick and efficient way and trust me, when you are experience a tech issue online, you want it solved quickly if at all possible.

Security of the Registrar Service for my Domains

I can also attest to the very strict security employed by Namecheap. Their service will allow you to use a number of different two factor authentication tools that make your account much more safe than just having a username and password. In addition to that, they will also include a privacy function free of charge for your domain name registrations for .com domains and others.

Another benefit of Namecheap is that it can be a lot easier to transfer your domain names if you ever sell them and let me assure you that for some companies, it is a real mission. With Namecheap, particularly if your buyer also has a Namecheap account, the process is just about instant.

I can not recommend the service, technical support and Backup from Namecheap domain registration company strongly enough.

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