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Martin Cohn is an experienced Maintenance Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Broadcast Media Industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Broadcasting, Video, Advertising, and Broadcast Engineering. Strong operations professional. He has graduated from TAFE.

Founding of MCRE

MCRE- Technology

Martin founded MCRE to develop the skills learned in the broadcasting and now heavily merged IT industries.

IT of course involves many skill sets and from experience over the last few years, I have developed my skills in creating websites, as well as reviewing and blogging about the different forms of storage, backup and information technology in general.

To name an example, I often speak of the need to have a secure Virtual Private Network set up (VPN), as this is imperative when working in public spaces to safeguard our systems and data from man in the middle attacks, to name one example.

I also specialise in creating responsive and effective websites, for both business and personal purposes and look forward to working with you on your website design.

We are also an affiliate partner for the Acoustic Sheep company, makers of the patented Sleep Phones, designed for people who need assistance to sleep, while meditating, listening to music, or who simply want to null out external sounds to prevent disturbance to their sleep.

I for one, have for many years, found that external noises of neighbours and other distractions annoying enough to affect my sleep and have been very grateful to find the Sleep Phones products to help me to fall asleep easily and more soundly.

For those of you who are interested in binaural beats meditation, on which I will write a dedicated article, I can say from personal experience, that I have seen results from as little as a few days after starting to use the technology. I have benefited greatly, in terms of being less stressed, more alert and able to sleep more deeply and effectively. For more information on the Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones, head over here.

Products Reviewed

This site also has numerous product reviews, ranging from remote drive storage in the cloud, to audio systems and audio and video editing packages.

The site is the result of many years work and is being built on a regular basis. As you check back over time, you will see new articles, new categories and reviews and recommendations for products that I use and have much success with. I will not recommend a product I do not use as that is not integrity based and my word is my honour.

I look forward to adding new material on a weekly basis to the site and building my audience with you over time.

We are Certified

We are certified by the eBusiness Institute of Australia in website design and Search Engine Optimisation and you can be assured that the quality of our work meets the highest standards.

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